Missing You

I felt empty when everything when down
It took me a second to realize how much I'm missing you
We really have missed a million days,
our hi and hellos are limited to months or years?
The daily connection is no longer there,
how i miss our adventures everywhere.
Our girly talks - makeup and the like
The many problems, so similar,
we'd cover each others backs.
I remember those days we'd set our goals and dreams
A cafe, a resturant, what more can i say?

Those were good memories of yester years
I reminisced those days, when you are just a call away.
My life suddenly went blank.
And I felt alone for some time.
I yearn for your presence,
on a cup of coffee we'd talk.

My life became a mess
And you were on top of my list.
I wanted to write you
with no address in mind..
I wanted to call you,
it seemed you're busy
That I gave up with a sigh..
Chatting with you online,
Seeing you smile via webcam
I wanted to tell you many things -
.. just so you know, it still feels empty.


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