Keep On The Watch 2009-2010 Review

The past weekend was our district convention. Until now, I am having a hang.over of what went through. I really benefited from the whole program. Mentally, the assembly gave out encouraging points as to how to maintain spiritually awake, and to keep our senses as the system of things comes to an end. Of course, this isn't easy.

Satan's world is full of glamour and it is so sparkly and shiny. I honestly find it very enticing thus I am sometimes longing to be a part of it. Imperfect as everyone is, being one of Jehovah's Witness is really a challenge. And I must say that the convention is a timely theme for our time. Satan is doing all that he can. Back then, we were always warned about our peers, work, entertainment and alike - the Devil will try to keep us 'entertained' and 'busy' so as to stop us from our service, however, times have changed. Satan is now targeting the family arrangement and he is evermore succeeding with it.

Amongst the 3-day assembly, I specifically benefited from the Saturday session. It mentions as to how we can help people in our ministry to be spiritually awake and that we have the obligation to wake them up from spiritual sleep. My anonymous readers may have been knocked on by Jehovah's Witnesses, nagging as we may be because of frequently knocking and visiting - talking about the Bible, God's name, as well as God's Kingdom - is just an obedient act to fulfill the commission Jesus left us (Matthew 24:14).

In line with our ministry, the speakers included talks as to how we can accomplish our ministry as thorough and as skillful as we can be. Another loving talk was to not to forget to preach to our relatives. Our simple ways such as our kindness and other godly qualities may or may not move our unbelieving relatives to consider studying with us.

To fully help others to wake from spiritual sleep, a new provision has been provided for us. A new brochure, "The Bible - What Is Its Message?" was released. It help us personally as well as others who own a Bible but does not read it, to be briefly explained about the contents of the Bible and as how it is centered to God's Kingdom.

The 3-day convention is truly a timely convention, a reminder for us all to stay spiritually awake as ever and to be prepare ourselves ALWAYS as Satan is really trying his very might to lull us to spiritual sleep.

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