April 26 Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 26-31

The last few verses of 1 Samuel, talks about how David, still, went on hiding from Saul. There were instances that David could have had the chance of taking Saul, but because of his respect for Jehovah's anointed one, he did not do so. And another verse captured me was when Saul, upon knowing that Jehovah has already turned away from him, sought out spiritism, and consulted as what will happen after the war - will he win? will he lose? & What will become of his ruling lands? My reaction was flabberghasted! Oh my gulay, how stupid of Saul to even anger Jehovah more. 

2 Samuel 26:8-13:: This is the account when Abishai, the one who went with him to the camping grounds of Saul. They saw Saul, sound asleep with his spear near in his head and surrounded with a water jug. David, who was in hiding for his life, this could have been his chance to grab hold of Saul, who attempted to hit him with a spear thrice! David had it in his power to end his being hounded by Saul. Instead, David chose to be long-suffering. David WAITED on Jehovah. Aside from this point, I find it interesting that David still respected and acknowledged Saul, as the one anointed by Jehovah to be King. He could've done the worst of Saul, but he knew that it was not his business to intervene. David's example teaches us to have a waiting attitude on how Jehovah deals with things. Likewise in the congregation, the elders may impose or certain arrangements were made that we do not exactly know why it was made. As imperfect humans, our tendency, out of good motives, is to voice out certain opinions - this, however is not something bad, but remembering David's example, we, too, should likewise refrain from doing so. David respected and viewed Saul as the anointed King by Jehovah God, he does not show remorse because of his position but because of who and what Saul has become. So, we, too should do the same, honor the elders as they are the ones appointed by Jehovah God to shepherd the congregation.

1 Samuel 28:8-13:: Saul's example of consorting to a spirit medium after Jehovah's spirit departed from him. It was sheer stupidity, consulting for divination, and letting himself believe that he was speaking the dead "Samuel." Instead of finding ways to appease Jehovah's anger, Saul just made Jehovah angry! And this account, is very true in our days. People consorting, or actually saying that their dead loved ones often visit or talk to them. What people don't know is that Satan is the person behind this and not Jehovah God. It is completely opposite with what the Bible is teaching regarding about the condition of the dead. It then would be wise to stay away from any spiritisitic tactics which are ploys of Satan the Devil.

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