Who You Are To Me?

who You are to me?
i recall those words amidst
these crisis i want to dismiss :(
my very thoughts conceal from them
yet in my heart You see through me.

who You are to me?
i try to hide such pain, tears and agony
place a fascade to everybody,
cover my eyes, shunning my face away
thy secrets - low and behold
alas, the transparency in me You see

over and over, i ask this question
over and over, i eat it in digestion
who You, Jehovah, are to me?
how come my errors can't be covered before You?

i try to look for comfort in You,
i try to throw my burdens to You,
i want You to be my confidant, my Friend,
dumbfounded my heart keeps asking,
'who You really are to me?'


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